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What are Bitcoins?

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Bitcoins are money! They are not like any money you've ever held before, possibly never even conceived of before. They exist only on the computer only in cyberspace. They are not "printed" like the money in your pocket, but are mined more like gold and silver. They are mined out of the very essence of computing and cryptography using long strings of numbers that create the record of a coins existence. Once created, they can never be destroyed but they can be lost. Once you have them in your possession they are yours until you give them to somebody else or otherwise let them slip through your fingers, just like real money.

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What can you do with Bitcoins?

Example Sites

You can spend them! You can buy clothes, computer hardware, buy a car, or a new dining room set. Really, anything that you would spend your flaky government money on, you can spend your bitcoins on. You just have to find someone that accepts bitcoins as payment. There are a number of sites that accept bitcoins as payment for a lot of different merchandise. And, of course, there are the usual gambling and adult sites available too.

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How do you get Bitcoins?

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You can get bitcoins in the same ways that you get other monies, and in a few ways that you can't. Most people start by hitting the free bitcoin sites. These are great for gathering a bitpenny or two and great for learning how to receive bitcoins. Later, you may try your hand at filling out surveys, selling your math skills, or proof reading term papers for larger bitcoin amounts. There are sites that specialize in matching up employer needs with employee skills for bitcoins. You can also exchange your paper money for bitcoins using one of the several sites that provide that service. You can't receive bitcoins, however, until you have someplace to store them. That someplace is called a wallet.

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What is a wallet?

Wallet Software

A wallet is a program that keeps track of the bitcoins you have received. Some of these programs can be installed on your computer, others are available online at various web sites. Whichever wallet you wish to use, remember that if you lose your wallet you lose any bitcoins in it. So, if you install it on your computer, don't lose your computer and don't uninstall your wallet. If you use one of the online wallets, don't lose your login information.

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Let's Get Some!

Now that you know what a bitcoin is, what you can do with them, and where to put them, maybe it's time to go get some. Next is a step by step guide to getting your first bitcoins. I've tried to make the guide thorough enough to ensure your success yet simple enough so that anyone can follow. The programs we'll run and the web sites we'll visit are not the only ways to get into bitcoins, but they are the way that I got into them. Also, this guide is written for Windows systems. If you're not using Windows you'll have to figure out the steps on you own for your computer. Let's get started...

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