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1. First thing, let's install a wallet.
  • Click this link to install the original bitcoin wallet from bitcoin.org. At the official Bitcoin.org website just click the "Windows(exe)" link in the upper right Download section. This will start the download from SourceForge.net. You'll need to choose "Run" to start the install process.


  • You'll need to click on all the usual security prompts and click next thru all the install screens. The install is pretty basic just like any windows program.
  • When it runs the first time it has to download a 2 gigabyte file. You'll see a progress bar at the bottom saying "Synchronizing with network". This is normal and will take several hours to complete the first time it is run.
  • Even though this is busy, we can still go out in search for our first bitcent.

2. Your first bitcent.
  • Click this link to open the BitVisitor website. This site pays you mBTC for browsing their advertised websites. I found it to be safe and payouts fairly quick. Also, it gives you a chance to look at other bitcoin websites that you might want to visit.


  • The first screen is simple and straightforward. The only info the site needs from you is where to send the bitcoins it's going to give you. That is the Payment Address.
  • Open up your Bitcoin Wallet that we installed in step 1. Click on "Receive coins" at the top of that program. You'll see the first address that your wallet created for you. In this window you can add as many receiving addresses as you want, but for now let's just right-click on the one address and choose "Copy address" from the popup menu.
  • Back on the BitVisitor website, right-click on the Payment Address box and choose "Paste" from the popup menu. You should now see your receiving address from your wallet in the box.
  • Click the "Start Earning" button. Enter the captcha code and then click Next.
  • You'll be presented with whatever page is the top ad at the moment and have a timer at the top counting down for 5 minutes. You can read this page, get a cup of coffee, or play with your cat, and when the 5 minutes are up click on the Next button in the top right of the window. The Next button is what pays you.
  • You should see a balloon popup showing you received your first fraction of a bitcoin. Depending on the speed of the network it might take a few minutes to actually receive your payment. It won't be much, but you have to start somewhere. If your wallet is still "Synchronizing" you won't actually see this balloon popup till it's done synchronizing.
  • Congratulations! You are now a bitcoin beginner.

3. Want some more?
  • As you saw with BitVisitor.com there are sites willing to pay you for viewing advertisments. Remember, as with all things internet; if you give out your email address you invite spam and if you click download you risk spyware. The next sites I have found to be safe, but remember to use common sense when clicking.
  • CoinAd.com: This site gives a fraction of a bitcoin just for visiting. It's paid for by the ads you see. Watch the countdown and then paste your address from your wallet.
  • Free Bitcoins: This site has been giving away free mBTC since the beginning of time. They do require you to have a google account, but otherwise it is simple to use.
  • CoinTube.tv: They pay you to watch some youtube videos. They don't always pay, but it's safe and entertaining for a few minutes.
  • FreeDigitalMoney.com: This site can make you a lot of bitcoins, but beware of the spyware and spam trap. After clicking thru past giving your bitcoin address, click on the "radium one" tab. Then look for the links that pay less than 9. They are usually links to HealthGuru.com or videos. Any of the other larger payouts usually want an email address or to install some crapware that you don't want on your computer.
  • You can hit these sites daily and over time, they'll add up. I've managed to accumulate several full bitcoins from these few sites. There are others out there and I'll add them to the tutorial as I find them. You can also go to the BitcoinTalk Forums and join the discussion about free bitcoin sites.
  • Congratulations! You are now a novice bitcoiner.

4. Spending some bitcoins?
  • If you've followed along so far, you should have close to .01 btc (or more) in your wallet. What should we do with it? Well, the first thing is to not just forget that you have it and let it be lost forever. If you don't want to have anything else to do with Bitcoins, at least send them to a friend or send them to me. My bitcoin address is at the bottom of the page.
  • Let's gamble a little. This is not to endorse gambling, but this will show you how simple it is to send bitcoins to friends, merchants, anyone. satoshiDICE.com and btcdice.com have a very simple method of betting. You send some bitcoins to an address. They send more or less back, depending on a random number. Find the "Send coins" tab in your wallet. Paste the address you want to send bitcoins to in the "Pay To:" field. For our test, use:


    This is sotoshidice's 50/50 betting address. You can put "sotoshidice 50/50" in the "Label:" of your wallet if you wish. In the amount, I recommend you put .01 (the minimum bet) for your first attempt. Click the Send button. Your wallet may ask you if you want to pay a transaction fee. This is what pays to keep the bitcoin network up and running. It's usually .0005 of a bitcoin. A few seconds after the Sent Transaction balloon goes away you should get an Incomming Transaction balloon. It will either be for more than .01 (a winning bet) or substansially less than .01 (a losing bet). You can go to their websites for other betting addresses if you are so inclined.
  • To spend more, I recommend you visit the BitcoinTalk Forums and check out the "Marketplace" topic. They have lists of sites that sell all kinds of things as well as individuals that have things to sell themselves.
  • Congratulations! You are now an expert bitcoiner.

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