Pyramid has all but been abandoned. Use at your own risk!

How to Succeed at Bitcoin Pyramid
  1. Synopsis of the Rules.
    1. You make money when the people below you in the pyramid deposit money. I can help make that happen! As your sponsor I will assist you in broadcasting your referral link.
    2. You must deposit something. It costs nothing to join, but if you want it to work it will take a deposit from you. The amount that you can receive from those below you is based on the amount you have deposited.

      There are a whole bunch of other rules but these two lines pretty much sum up what's going on. You can read more by following this link to the Bitcoin Pyramid and clicking on Rules.

  2. How I Can Help You.
    1. First, you must follow this link to the Bitcoin Pyramid and click on Register using your bitcoin receiving address. Don't lose your Member ID and save your profile link so you can check your progress and make deposits from time to time. Make sure that your sponsor at the bottom of the page is #2463. If it's not, I'm not your sponsor and won't be able to help you. You can clear your cookies and browser history and click the link again until you see #2463 is your sponsor. Then register.
    2. When I see you join below me, I'll send something to your deposit address to get you started. If you want more income than this you'll have to deposit some of your own and wait for those that follow your Referral Link to deposit below you.
    3. I'll take 50% of what I receive from you to invest in advertising of your Referral Link. This way you'll have people below you in the pyramid to provide you with income. The more you deposit the longer your ads will run, the better your chances of receiving referrals, and the higher your potential income.

  3. How Can You Help Yourself.
    1. Deposit whatever you can afford whenever you can or simply re-invest what the pyramid gives you and watch it grow. The more you deposit the better your chances of receiving random payments and random referrals. You can also use your pyramid deposit address when surfing,, and for painless deposits to your pyramid. The more you deposit, the more random payments you get and the more advertising of your referral link I'll publish.
    2. Give your Referral Link to anyone and everyone: friends, family, total strangers if you want. The more people under you doing exactly what you are doing the better.
I'm not affiliated with Bitcoin Pyramid in any way. I'm just another user of their site like you, that wants the same thing as you. Be sure and read their links and rules and know that this is all just a game with risks. They spell out those risks pretty well on their website. I think this can work out great for both of us, so when you're ready click this link to the Bitcoin Pyramid and let's get started.
You can thank me directly at this address: 16WcNeEh1yAgQy9HLzgq7QMbaBF1x883rX